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MAAS Consulting was founded in 1997 by several graduates of the State Accounting College  (STAN) to provide auditing and accounting, tax and business consulting services.  This financial consulting firm currently continue to improve the quality and quantity of services in meeting the requirements of the world of businesses in Indonesia. And now MAAS is to be your preferred choice for national financial consulting firms both in terms responsiveness and level  of services, all at a reasonable price.

Our tagline is “A solution station”, mean not only do we understand what you are going through but we also have a track record for providing realistic solutions. Maas manifestation is  to be the one stop solution station in assisting your financial accounting, taxation and business  consulting in Indonesia. Whether you are looking to save a business on the brink or need insolvency management advice, we offer a human approach to your situation.

Our professionals have a broad understanding of how to leverage our vast accounting, auditing, tax, and business consulting experience to generate real value that will enhance our  clients’ financial future. We develop sound strategies and innovative tax planning solutions for our clients, helping them navigate through complex tax issues.

Our approach helps you to ensure your financial statements are not merely technically correct, but conform to constantly evolving best practice. When required, we have the courage to raise sensitive issues to ensure we deliver an audit that allows you to discharge your responsibilities with confidence. Many of our clients have grown with us. They stay with us because they like what we do and how we do it. We will always offer you the depth, technical expertise and rigorous that you expect from a leading accounting firm.

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