Business Feasibility Study

feasibility study

Feasibility Study help justifying a business decision which leads to likelihood of success and better ROI.

Business Feasibility Study is very important since will be assessed by potential investors and stakeholders regarding their credibility and depth argument.  The purpose of the feasibility study is to consolidate an argument based on factual evidence and analysis to help justify clients decision in relation to the core of question of whether the business in question is actually viable.

Hence, MAAS can help the clients in providing the Business Feasibility Study places the findings of dimensions of business viability model assessment into a formal business report.

A significant component of the findings should related to the likelihood of success, projected return on investment and how any identified risk should be mitigated.

Besides the Business Feasibility Study , we also would like to help the clients to provide The Project Proposal and Information Memorandum what they like.


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