Good Corporate Governance & Ethics

good corporate governance

An effective and good corporate governance and ethics program leads to better company values and efficient works.

MAAS helps clients develop and maintain an effective corporate governance and ethics program by performing services such as:

  • Establishing policies that create a culture that discourages unethical behavior, develops a tone at the top and mandates clear and consistent consequences for  those who commit fraud.
  • Training employees regarding their responsibilities concerning ethics.
  • Aligning financial, compliance and operational employee responsibilities to board and committee responsibilities.

Clients who use Good Corporate Governance and Ethics Services enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Reassurance to company stakeholders of the organization’s commitment to compliance  and ethics.
  • Enhanced, integrated culture of accountability and integrity.
  • Alignment of corporate ethics policies to the organization’s risk appetite.
  • Company values and performance improvement.
  • Good in managing and leading the company as well as professional and efficient improvementt

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