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Message From Director

Let’s Grow Together

MAAS was established in 1997 by experienced consultants in the fields of tax and accounting. Most of them are graduates of STAN and have worked as Tax Auditors and BPKP Auditors who have undoubted expertise and integrity. As auditors, our works are closely related to professional standards and current government regulations, especially those related to taxation, auditing and accounting. In its development, the company also involved alumnus of other well-known universities as our professionals.

Long experience in the field of audits makes us understand what is needed by business people in running business and achieving its objectives, especially the needs related to taxation, auditing and accounting. As a consulting service company, we always strive to improve performance through delivering work results on timely, high quality, innovative, reliable and minimizing business risks.

With a clear and directed vision and mission as well as long professional experience, we believe to be able to provide valuable solutions for customers as business people. We always try to hear the voices of customers, both those who want to provide input and complaints so that we can provide better services in the future. We always hope to assist customers as partners to grow together with the values of business ethics.

Subandiman, B.K.P

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