Tax Consulting Services

tax consulting services

Our Tax Consulting Services provides range of services which gives assurance to your business so you can relax and focus to achieve successful.

Tax Planning

We will planning your future taxes in accordance with the company’s business activities and develop strategies to estimate your tax efficient. With this service, you will get a calculation of the risks and benefits of optimal taxation in any business decision.

Tax Compliance

Your obligations. Now, you do not need to be bothered anymore, because we will help you in calculating your tax reporting accurately in accordance with current tax regulations. We will handle your tax reporting obligations either monthly or annualy. busy  in growing your business, often make you forget the fulfillment of your tax

Tax Review

We provide these services when you need assurance that your tax liabilities are in accordance with prevailing tax regulations. This service is usually required if your company has the potential to become the object of a tax audit or you will acquire another company. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of all your company’s financial statements and anticipates the tax obligations arising from business processes.

Tax Litigation and Audit Assistance

This is an advisory service to the company that has tax issues at the level of tax audits, objections, submission of application tax incentives in the form of reduction or exemption, etc.. We will analyze the problems faced and the provision of advice and strategies to solve the problem. In addition, we are also experienced in assisting companies that will make the process of appeal in tax court or judicial proceedings in the Supreme Court. Through the process of preparation and assistance is expected the company will be better prepared with data/information that is directed by our attorneys that have the potential to win in any case handled.

Tax Opinion

This is a service giving opinions taxation by our tax experts related to your company’s important decisions that will have a significant impact on your future tax based on tax regulations or government policies on the case you are dealing with.

Transfer Pricing

This is the preparation and drafting services transfer pricing documentation to the company that has dealings with the company or an affiliated party, so the assessment of the fairness of the transaction will be obtained in the context of taxation.


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