Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP )

standard operating procedure

Standard Operating Procedure exist as guidance to carry out operations and always measurable.

MAAS has extensive experience in helping the clients to develop procedure. Standard operating procedures (SOP) is detailed explanation of how a policy is to be implemented. The SOP may appear on the same form as a policy or it may appear in a separate document. The main difference between a SOP and a policy are details. An effective SOP communicates who will perform the task, what materials are necessary, where the task will take place, when the task shall be performed, and how the person will execute the task.

The details in an Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) standardize the process and provide step-by-step how-to instructions that enable anyone within your operation to perform the task in a consistent manner. The SOP document serves as an instructional resource that allows employees to act without asking for directions, reassurance, or guidance. The step-by-step written procedure can also help hold employees accountable because employee expectations are documented and their actions can be measured against the SOP. Communicating procedures that anyone in the operation can follow with consistent results will ensure your operation continually provides high quality products and services.

The purpose of an SOP is to carry out the operations correctly and always in the same manner. An SOP should be available at the place where the work is done.

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